2007 Schedule

Omphalos Talks are on the second Sunday of the month, and start at 2:00 pm in the Percy Community Centre, Bath. For Directions, see the Omphalos Talks Homepage. Talks are to be held either in the conference centre (first choice), or the activity room (second choice).

There will be a small charge on the door to cover costs (£5 per head, £3 concession)





13th January

 No Talk

 Moot cancelled.

10th February

 No Talk

 No talk. Pub moot discussion on “The Underworld.”

9th March

 No Talk

 Pub Moot discussion on “Smithcraft.”

At the March moot we discussed the topic of "Smithcraft". This turned
out to be quite a deep one, and areas discussed included Ptah, Hathor,
Tubal Cain, Set, Aphrodite, Hephaestos, archaeology/pre-history of
Eurasia, copper, meteoritic iron, Thor, Perun, lightning lore, chariot
wars, who is the equivalent of a smith in the modern developed world,
what would be the vital crafts if the world as we know it met with a
dramatic fate, the link between the mediaeval mysteries and the most
basic activities of survival. (the list goes on).

Despite a very full discussion, it would have been nice to have had
some other cultural perspectives - perhaps from the continent of Africa
or from Chinese lore, about the magical smith.

13th April

 No Talk

 Moot cancelled.

13th May

No Talk

Moot discussion on “Sex and Magick.”

10th June

No Talk

Moot discussion on “Centering and Grounding practices”

The main topic discussed today was the role and form of centering and
grounding practices that are / have been used in various types of
magickal work.

As a group we discussed (from our own experience) the relevance of
being centred, and the effects of not being sufficiently grounded in
various situations. We discussed the relevance of such practices to
group work, and whether these practices were necessary in every
context. We also shared methods from our own personal practice.


No Talk

This moot was relatively quiet, but we had 4 or 5 there. Some nice maize
cakes though, thanks to Emma. We ended up
having more of a discussion of the state of English Law than the topic at hand.

9th September

Geraldine Beskin on - 'Aleister Crowley, the Man Behind the Myth'

Geraldine is the owner of the infamous Atlantis Bookshop in London,
and I have seen her do this talk. It is a heart felt look at the
life of TMT, including much unpublished material from her research,
and Geraldine is a really animated and enjoyable speaker.

14th October

'Feral Sorcery' - by David Blank

David Blank (also editor of occult journal - 'The
Oracle') is going to talk from his personal perspective about the
practice of sorcery - not a reconstructionist view of sorcery - but a
practical first hand account.

Topics covered will include contact with animal spirits, drawing of
power, working with fetishes, ritual sacrifice and the sorcerers'
cosmology and inner landscape.

David's ground breaking work has evolved from practical experience,
intuitive practice, and direct communion with the world of spirits.
This talk is not to be missed!

11th November

'THE RED GODDESS' - a talk about Babalon by author Peter Grey

This is an ecstatic journey through the unheard history of
Babalon from Revelations, back through the Ishtar Gate and
forward into a living modern magickal current.

Peter Grey takes you through a tale of sex, drugs and violence
which manages to take in the angelic work of John Dee, the
excesses of Aleister Crowley and the immolation of the
Californian antichrist-superstar Jack Parsons. This is an
explicit and challenging vision of a very modern goddess coming
into power. It is a passionate account of living ritual magick.
Suitable for anyone with blood in their veins, regardless of
tradition, background or experience.

Expect to be aroused.

Peter Grey is a devotee of Babalon, magician and writer of the
critically acclaimed 'The Red Goddess'

9th December

No Talk

Moot discussion on “The Use of Bones in Magickal Practice.”

The topic for discussion was the use of bones in magical practice. I
certainly learned a lot - and there were lots of good contributions.
Topics visited included the tribal rituals of head hunters, ancient
Egyptian bone magic / Seth rituals and spells, Chod rite and Toad
wytchery, Skull cups, bones as gateways to magical realms and the
underworld, DNA and ancestry, bones as ancestral links and doorways
to the consciousness of a species, use of bones in fetish magic as
servitors and elementals, spirit houses, Eurasian shamanist use
of 'bone fire' to illuminate the path to the spirit world,
the 'Old 'Oss' of the mummers plays, Native American practices, use
of bone resonance to automatically access transcendent states, bones
considered as stones, Skull and Bones ritual and symbolism, links
between bones and the dead, etc. etc....what a good discussion.
Heartfelt thanks to all!


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