2006 Schedule

Omphalos Talks are on the second Sunday of the month, and start at 2:00 pm in the Invention Arts Cafe & Studios, Bath. For Directions, see the Inventions Talks Homepage.

There will be a small charge on the door to cover costs (4 per head, 3 concession)





9th April

Cassandra Latham

West Country Wisecraft

Cassandra Latham has been the Wisewoman for the Cornish village of St Buryan for 25 years. Village wisewomen have served their communities, despite persecution, up to and including the present day.
They have been available for consultation, for a fee or trade, about all aspects of life using spells, if necessary to help people live fulfilled lives.

Aside from her position as a village witch Cassandra is a qualified nurse with an honours degree in Theatre, and also a trained councillor and holds a certificate in Therapeutic Massage. Her voluntary work includes being a Pagan Minister for local hospitals  and a member of the Sacred Sites Network based in Cornwall's Penwith district.

She is local representative of the Pagan Federation and Publicity Officer for the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall.

14th May

Kevan Manwairing

On Being a 21st Century Bard

Kevan will give a talk and performance exploring what it means to be a modern Bard, looking at Bardic training and Bardic Chairs, and will give a demonstration of Bardic Craft, followed by a Q&A session and book signing.

Kevan Manwairing is a winner of the Bardic Chair of Bath, and author of The Bardic Handbook: The complete manual for the 21st Century Bard (published by Gothic Image, Summer 2006)

11th June

Levannah Morgan

Spirit Working

Levannah Morgan looks at the witches traditional role of spirit worker and draws on her experience as a witch in Devon working with familiar spirits, spirits of place, and the spirit working methods taught by Cecil Williamson.

Levannah Morgan has been a witch for over 25 years, working both as solo and in covens. She lives in Devon, and over the years has learnt a lot about traditional Devon and West Country spirit work. She is also a Priestess Heirophant in the Fellowship of Isis, and lectures & teaches on witchcraft, magick and Paganism. When not occupied with this, she works in the film industry.

9th July

Storm Constantine

Storm Constantine

Storm will talk to us about her personal magical practice, including how she founded the 'Lady of the Flame' Iseum, with many anecdotes along the way. This will include a discussion of all the magical systems she has worked with, her experiences and opinions of these. Storm will lead the group in a visualisation at the end of the talk.

A selection of Immanion Press non fiction titles, as well as some of Storm's own books, will be available to buy.

13th August

Greg Humphries

Contacting the Other Side: Automatic Drawing within Magickal Practice

10th September

Colin Washington

Magical Perspectives on Cuban paganism

Ode bi tola is an experienced Qabistic Magician who was initiated into a practical magical lodge over 28 years ago. Ode was elected to the Council of Adepts within his Lodge and has held senior office for over 20 years.

Disturbed by Pagan's obviously hostile bias towards traditional religions (up to say the mid 1980's) he undertook considerable research into them and was initiated in the Afro-Cuban branch of the Yoruba Religion. He is convinced of the efficy of Yoruba religious practices, and has been trained by both his Cuban elders and Nigerian Yoruba priests living in the U.K.

Ode is also a Gardenerian witch and member of an established Coven in the north of England. Ode's talk will reflect his unique position as an established ritual and ceremonial magician and trained Orisha priest in the Cuban aspect of Yoruba paganism.

This talk will look at the Cuban religions of IFA, Lukumi and Palo, from the standpoint of a Practising magician and initiate.

8th October


Magickal Film Festival - Sunday 8th October

A collection of Magickal Films spanning the cult, the vintage, the arthouse and the contemporary.

A page devoted to this Film Festival can be found here.

Doors open at 12:30, with various showings continuing until 8:00 pm.

Day Pass: 10 / 8 Concession (available on the door)
Half Day Pass: 5.(available on the door from 3:50 pm)

Timetable of the showings, and links to Reviews & Images here.

Music during the intermissions will be performed by Charlotte Pugh - her first live performances since returning from Indonesia where she was studying Gamelan and the indigenous music of the region.

11th November

Elayne Hoskin

Magic and Witchcraft in the South West

25th June to  1st July (2007)


Magickal Literature Festival

To be held in Walcot Street Mortuary Chapel

More details to follow soon.


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