2005 Schedule

Past Talks & Events:

The 2005 series of Omphalos Talks are also listed below, for information. These were held on Saturday evenings, in Batheaston Scout Hut.





12th March

Chris Chibnall

The Art and works of Austin Osman Spare

Why study Spare? Spare's early life; Earth Inferno and early influences; Chaos, Zos & Kia; Sigils; The Death Posture; Spare and linguistics; Spare's later life

Chris comes from Houghton Regis in Bedfordshire. He has a science background, but currently works as an artist and hypnotherapist with an interest in Chaos Magick. He is a novice with the IOT (Illuminates of Thanateros).

9th April


Traditional Cornish Witchcraft

A talk covering some of the history of Traditional Cornish Practices, and some of the more modern practices & tools.

25th April to

1st May


Omphalos Magickal Fair & Exhibition

A week long fair & arts conference in Walcot Chapel, with artworks on display, and talks & workshops throughout the week. The exhibition was open each day, with works on display from:

Marc Aitkin, Astrid Bauer, Ann Bryn-Evans, Claudio Carvalho, Anton Channing, Chris Chibnall, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Dave Evans, Greg Humphries, Mark Hurst, Gerard Hutton, Mishlen Linden, Roberto Migluissi, Hazel Maclean, Steven V Mitchell, Christina Richardson, Ian Selbie & Gavin Semple.

Also a schedule of talks & workshops as below:


Opening Ritual by Mogg Morgan


Levannah Morgan: Talk & film-clip showing 'Magic and Movies'


Greg Humphries & Julian Vayne: Talk & magical mystery tour of Bath 'Re-Enchanting the World with Chaos Magic'.


Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule: Ritual Workshop 'Eight Gates of Re-Membrence' & Music & Theatre performance 'Chaos Clock'.


Mishlen Linden: Workshop 'Nu Icon Making'

Gavin Semple: Reading from 'The Devil's Noctuary' assisted by music by Chris Chibnall (Theremin) & Astrid Bauer (Didjeridu); Screening of Austin Osman Spare Magic Lantern Show; Screening of Earth Infoerno (made by Mor Mavon & Julian Moguillansky).


Mishlen Linden: Workshop 'Nu Icon Making' (continued)

Slide Show: A collection of some of the anthropological collections of the Pitt-Rivers Museum (including Christian icons & Hindu images), slides of 3-D sigils by Charlotte Rodgers, accompanied by Charlotte Pugh with a recorder solo playing a Japanese contemporary piece 'Meditation'.


Continuous running of Marc Aitkin's Crowley film 'Do Angels Ever Cut Themselves Shaving'

Daniel Stolfi & The Awesome Puppet Company: Workshop 'Using Stories and Puppetry for Exploration and Expression'

Closing Ritual by Mishlen Linden and Burning of Fetishes

11th June

Levannah Morgan

The Dark Goddess

Levannah Morgan has been a Pagan for over 20 years. She has also worked in the film industry for 20 years, initially as an artist filmmaker, and latterly as a producer. She has been researching Paganism, Witchcraft and film for several years and lectures extensively.

9th July

Dave Evans

Amado Crowley: The self-proclaimed Son of Aleister?

Dave Evans, despite numerous threats, will give a talk on the validity of Amado Crowley's claims to both genetic and magical inheritance of the Crowley name. He explores the inconsistencies with Amado's writings and practices, and what there is both for and against Amado's many claims.

But at the end of the day, he reflects, any practice that continues for as long as  Amado's has must have some validity. Even if it isn't by birth, or technique...

Dave Evans has completed a PhD in post-war British Magic, and gives talks in a witty and well-researched, yet not 'dry', manner on matters Occult.

13th August

Anton Channing

Alchemical Symbolism

Anton will give a presentation of what he considers the most important symbols of Hermetic Alchemy, with comparison to ideas found in Taoist, Tantric, Hindu and Buddhist alchemy, and what he thinks are common threads running through all the traditions.

Anton Channing is best known in the occult community for blending the Arts of Chaos Magic and Hermetic Alchemy, which are explored in his book 'Kaos Heiroglyphica', as well as for the formation of the non-hierarchical Kaotic Illuminated Adepts networking organisation for Chaos Magicans and other similarly aligned Witches and Sorcerers. As an artist he has been selling his work through his online store 'Eye in the Pyramid' and his illustrations decorate both his own book and Jaq D. Hawkins most recent book 'Chaos Monkey'.

10th September

Pagam Naborz

Mithraism: The Pagan belief that shaped the Christian World

Payam Nabarz reveals the history, origins and spiritual and philosophical tenets of Mithraism and its connections to Christianity, Islam and Freemasonry.

He also describes the modern neo-pagan practice of Mithraism in evidence today.

Payam Nabarz, a Persian-born Sufi and practising Dervish, holds a PhD from Oxford University and is carrying out postdoctoral research there on genetics and cancer. He is a Druid in the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids; a member of the Golden Dawn Occult Society; and a revivalist in the Temple of Mithras.

17th September

Richard McNeff

The Triumph of Pan

An evening focused on Victor Nueburg, poet, Aleister Crowley's greatest disciple and discoverer of Dylan Thomas, both in factual and creative interpretation.

The magical workings performed with Crowley in Paris and the Algerian desert resulted in Nueburg's breakdown. In the aftermath, Neuburg could never decide if Crowley was the greatest magician of the age or the worst man who had ever lived. Such a perspective provides an interesting slant on the lofe and practices of the Breast.

Featuring slides, a reading from his book "Sybarite among the Shadows" by Oengus Macnamara, and a screening of Marc Aitkin's film "Do Angels Ever Cut Themselves Shaving?"

9th October

Marian Green

Magic, Witchcraft and the Western Mysteries

Marian Green has been working in the field of Ceremonial and Folk magic since the early 1960's.

She has written more than a dozen books on ceremonial magic and aspects of witchcraft as well as editing QUEST magazine since 1970. She runs regular courses and workshops, is the organiser of the annual QUEST conference, a council member of the Pagan Federation and the former editor of Pagan Dawn.

12th November

Mogg Morgan

Seth - the Personification of Evil?

Naqada is a sleepy little town in Upper Egypt, that gives its name to a crucial period in the prehistory of Egypt. In 1895, William Matthew Flinders Petrie, the 'father' of Egyptian archaeology, stumbled upon a necropolis, belonging to a very ancient city of several thousand inhabitants.

With Petrie's usual luck, he'd made yet another archaeological find of seismic proportions - not just an ancient city a quarter the size of Ur in Mesopotamia, a rare enough find, but the capital of the earliest state establishment in Egypt!

Petrie's fateful walk through the desert had led him to a lost city, known to the Greeks as Ombos, the Citadel of Seth.

Seth, the Hidden God, once ruled in this ancient place before it was abandoned to the sands of the desert. All this forbidden knowledge was quickly reburied in academic libraries, where its stunning magical secrets had lain, largely un-revealed , for more than a century - until now...

10th December

Colin Washington

The Cuban Yoruba religion of Santeria from a Magicians perspective

Colin is an experienced practical Qabalistic Adept (with 28 years experience) who is also a competent priest in the Cuban religion of Lukumi. Colin will discuss initiation, divination, the role of the dead and the role of the Orisha & Ori. He will describe the temple and grade structure as well as discussing the role of music and many other topics.

All of the above will be explained and discussed from the unique perspective of a priest and adept in the Western Mystery Tradition. This will be an eye-opened for many and there will be an extensive Question and Answer session afterwards.


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