Talks for 2019

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Sunday February 10th


Louise Hodgson: For the first event of 2019, Omphalos is pleased and proud to welcome back Louise Hodgson for her newest talk entitled:
'Deep into the Land - the Beauty and the Terror'. Takes an exploratory engagement into the strange, deep currents that illuminate the land.
This promises to be a fascinating and insightful look into some of the mysteries and depths of the land we all inhabit.

Sunday March 10th :


Time and Tide Storytellers: Having thawed out from their recent Wassail Tales for the National Trust at Glastonbury Tor this duo bring you a diverse selection of tales from around the world. In their usual lively style they will bring you the myth and magic woven around trees and animals."

Sunday June 9th :


Wylde Hunter: We hear a lot about Scandinavian Runes but Britain is even richer in Runic history, from centuries before the first Vikings appeared until centuries after. They were not just used for gravestones. We will be looking at a selection of artefacts & inscriptions - all from Britain and all carved with magical intent.

This will also include a quick look at Rune use in modern times, as found in places like the Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle, Avebury Stone Circle and others.

Sunday July 14th:


Andreas Korneval

This talk is dedicated to the wisdom tradition of the Runes and Norse Myth; what it means to cast, pray, offer and stain.  In addition, Andreas will share the stories of the gods and goddesses connected to his tradition - there will be readings, poetry, storytelling, trance journeys and music (galders). We will also look at the mythical underpinnings of our current predicaments such as mass extinction and climate change.  The day will conclude with a ceremony dedicated to the first witch of the world, the goddess Freya.  Please bring (if you can) strawberries and dark chocolate as offerings and to share.  Mead will form part of the ceremony and a non-alcoholic equivalent.
All are welcome regardless of experience, sexuality, cultural background, or ethnicity: the spirit is warm and enthusiastically inclusive.
Bio: Andreas Kornevall is a Swedish storyteller, mythographer, writer and ecologist.

He has broadcast on the BBC, had his writings published widely, (Dark Mountain Books, Resurgence Magazine, The Ecologist and more) and lectures on Norse Myth in Universities & educational centres world-wide.

As an ecologist he directs the Earth Restoration Service Charity which has planted over two hundred new woodlands in the UK and wildflower meadows.  His ecological work has won him recognition and endorsements from actress Joanna Lumley, HRH Prince of Wales and the "elders group" set up by musician Peter Gabriel.  He is also the co-founder of the Life Cairn - the world's first memorial for human caused extinctions.

Andreas Korneval with dog

Sunday August 11th :


Alex Turner

Alex will be introducing you to the basic principles of Chinese Medicine and how it can used to de-stress and keep calm in an often hectic modern lifestyle.
As well as giving a talk Alex will show you some easy to learn Qigong and acupressure techniques that you can take home and use for yourself or share with friends and family.

Alex Turner Lic Ac, MBAcC has been a complementary health practitioner since 1995 initially as a Tai Chi and Qigong instructor and has taught in London, Bristol and Devon.
From 2001 he went on to become a shiatsu practitioner/teacher and later as an acupuncturist. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Acupuncture from the University of Kingston where he studied at the prestigious College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. He has since studied in Japan China Singapore and Malaysia to deepen his studies and interests.
His style of acupuncture integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Five Element acupuncture.
Alex is a registered shiatsu teacher and has taught at a number of schools around the country.
He is part of The Core Therapy Team at the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Center where he is also teaches Qi Gong, relaxation techniques and facilitates residential courses on the ‘Whole Person Approach’ to health and well being.

Learn more here:-

The pub opens at 2pm and the talk will start at 2.30pm. All are welcome so please do share to your page and feel free to bring a friend. We ask for a donation of £5 if you can afford it to cover the expenses.

Sunday September 8th :


We invite people to share their ideas on what makes magic work.

No speaker this month, therefore no charge.

Please join us for a discussion group.

Sunday October 13th :


Wylde Hunter

Omphalos welcomes back a very popular speaker; Wylde Hunter. He will be talking about funeral practices and beliefs about death in Prehistoric, Roman, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain.
The pub opens at 2pm and we start at 2.30 and generally finished by 5pm.
We do ask for a suggested donation of £5 to cover speakers' expenses. Please share to your page and feel free to bring as many friends as you like. 

Hand touching skull

Sunday November 10th :


Nicola Haasz

Have you ever wondered what story the River Severn wants to tell?  Are you curious as to where the Legend of Sabrina, Goddess of the River Severn comes from? This is a talk by Nicola Haasz looking at all aspects of the River, supporting her new book release coming in 2020.

Nicola recently gave a great talk at the Bristol Goddess Temple. It was well researched with lots of intriguing graphics. Nicola Haasz, who grew up by the banks of the Severn, impressed all with both her knowledge of the river and her passion for Sabrina. She inspired folk to visit the Severn and explore some of the fascinating places that she talked about.

Admission is free, however we do ask for a suggested donation of £5. Pub opens at 2pm, talk starts at 2.30.

Goddess Sabrina

Sunday December 8th :


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