2004 Schedule of Talks


These Talks were held at Batheaston Scout Hall





8th May

Houngan Richard


Initiated as a Houngan in Jacmel,Haiti in July 2001; Richard is one of the few non Haitian Vodou initiates in the U.K

He has written on the subject for leading Pagan Magazines.



12th June

Jack Daw

Sinister Business at the Crossroads

Looking at non/pre Wiccan Witchcraft in Britain.

Jack Daw has been a practicing Witch for over 20 years in which time he has been researching and giving talks on old tradition folk magic of Britain, with a particular focus in the South West of England.


10th July

Nathaniel J Harris



Born into the founding family of the House of the Old Ways, Nathan serves in its circle as `Fool' or `Dubh Sidh' (Dark Phaerie). He is
also a founding member of the international Order of K.I.A., `Opposer/Embracer' of the Order of Phosphorous, `Skratte' to the Red Circle guild of sorcery & witchcraft, and a past Priest and Magister Templi of the Illuminates of Thanateros, serving over many years as an initiate of the mysteries. An experienced leader of group ritual, he has also remained for much of his life a dedicated solo practitioner, exploring more private disciplines of witchcraft.
His talk explores the influence of the classical grimoire upon the traditions of witchcraft and cunning, the pagan roots of Christian
mysticism and diabolist sorcery, the myth of the Black Sabbat, and the elusive left hand path of magick.

Nathaniel Harris is the author of Witcha- a Book of Cunning, due to be published by Mandrake of Oxford, and (hopefully) available signed by the author at this seminar.


14th August

Mogg Morgan

General Introduction to Egyptian Magick.

Mogg Morgan has spent many years studying and participating in the cult of the `Hidden God', an entity known by various names depending where in the world you look. In Egypt he is known in the outer as Seth, some of whose inner secrets have been steadily revealed by or to author in various books and lectures such as Tankhem: meditations of Seth magick or (as Katon Shual) Sexual Magick. But what is the relationship of the Hidden God Seth to the more general foundations of Egyptian Magick so-called Hekau, how does he fit in and how much of the ancient magical material of the so-called `primitve path' survives in later magical lore?



11th September

Michael Clarke

Hecate: Benefit talk for the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft Appeal

Michael is an initiate of the Golden Dawn and other magical orders, and is particularly known for his knowledge on East Anglian Traditional lore, which includes the notorious Toad Ritual.


9th October

Fred Gillam

Reconnecting with Nature Intelligence through the Green Ray

Each and every being is formed from greatness:to aspire to greatness is a folly, rather we should aspire to co create in balance within universal principles and ourselves wherby every star can shine forth its light in harmony.


Fred Gillam has been working with Natural magic for nearly twenty years and brings his experience of interacting with nature intelligences, together with sharing simple practical techniques which should appeal to anyone with an interest in Cabala, wort cunning, natural magic and esoteric philosophy.