Omphalos and the 131 Film Club present:

A Magickal Film Festival

Invention Arts Cafe

Sunday, 8th October, 2006; 12:30 - 8:00pm


Each Title is a link to take you to a page with more information and images to that film.

Music during the intermissions will be performed by Charlotte Pugh (BA) - her first live performances since returning from Indonesia where she was studying Gamelan and the indigenous music of the region at the Jakarta Conservatory of Music in Java.

12.30 - 1.00 - Opening

"Crossing The Styx"

This is a short 8-minute film by Mongoose Productions, made as part of a project to commemorate the death of Aleister Crowley. It will take you on a psychedelic journey to the very edge of The River of the Damned with The Great Beast himself as your travelling companion!


1.00 - 2.30

Introduction by Levannah Morgan

This programme looks at the work of two colossi of the American avant-garde cinema: Maya Deren and Kenneth Anger. Both made films which re-wrote the filmmaking rulebook and redefined what was possible; and both had at the heart of their work an interest in the occult and the magickal.

"Meshes of the Afternoon", "At Land" and "Ritual in Transfigured Time"

These beautiful, poetic films reflect an inner world of trance, dream and magickal archetypes, and marked the beginning of the American avant-garde cinema movement. Deren had been involved in witchcraft prior to making these films and went on to become a Voudoun High Priestess.

"Lucifer Rising"

Kenneth Anger is a ritual magician whose films are magical rituals. His film rituals are set in a voluptuous Luciferian world. His masterpiece, LUCIFER RISING, enacts the mythos of the Aeon of Horus.

Lucifer Rising takes place at various historically magick spots in Egypt, England and Germany. The odd rock-tinged soundtrack pulls viewers through a series of obsessively staged and hauntingly realized ceremonies, movements and rituals. Satanism, lightning, pyramids and extravagant costumes are only a few of the contributing elements that bring this film to a fever pitch of strangeness and cultural abstraction.


2.30 - 3.00



3.00 - 3.40

Films by Fabulator Films, Marc Aitken & Derek Jarman

"Do Angels Ever Cut Themselves Shaving?"

Set post WW1, this film charts the horrors, memories and experiences of a new breed: The Gentleman Addict. A man who was once privy to the circle of the Great Beast, the celebrated occultist Aleister Crowley. Once a key figure in Crowley's Magickal Universe he now finds himself estranged, a man who has been to the brink of his sanity, and only partly returned.

During his chemical odyssey, his mind opens to the metaphysical world he only glimpsed during his brush with the occult.

"All in the Mind"

An Exploration of the Human Condition and the Nature of the Bi-Cameral Mind. The Bi-Cameral Mind operates without intervention by introspective thought. Bi-Cameral humans respond to internal voices that have the authority of the Gods.


3.40 - 4.00



4.00 - 5.30

"Bell Book & Candle"

This all-time classic romantic comedy is an adaptation from a play, and reputed to be the inspiration behind the TV series "Bewitched".

Powerful, glamorous and a wee bit bored, Gillian knows that witches can't fall in love. But they can have fun, especially if their lover belongs to another woman! So when Gillian discovers handsome new neighbour Shep Henderson is the fiancée of an old college nemesis, she promptly puts the befuddled publisher under her spell...

Alternatively, this may be replaced by Yinke Selley's "Dragon Dreaming, Dragon Rising" and "Happiness Tends to Infinity". Dragon Dreaming, Dragon Rising is a film of meditation and exploration into the ancient myth of St George and its roots in land,spirit, and psyche. A visual, rhythmic and poetic journey into the dragons archetypal and energetic meaning. Happiness Tends to Infinity is a short film describes a mathematical equation relating to happiness.


5.30 - 5.40


During this break, "Journey to Avebury" (by Derek Jarman) will be playing


5.40 - 7.00

"The Last of England"

Derek Jarman is often said to be a painter rather than a movie director, and the art he creates using film is both evocative and moving. He is well known for his controversial films that revisit history from a gay perspective, and he has retold the stories of Edward II, Saint Sebastian, Caravaggio, and Wittgenstein.

In this film, Jarman images of war and urban decay are intercut with Jarman’s own childhood home movies, creating a shocking yet beautiful and poetic film with a much praised soundtrack featuring Diamanda Galas, Mayo Thompson, Andy Gill and Marianne Faithful. One of Derek Jarman’s most personal and innovative films, ‘The Last of England’ is a devastating vision of 80’s Britain.

This is a beautiful and haunting work by one of Britain’s most powerful filmmakers, starring Tilda Swinton, Spencer Leigh, Spring, Gay Gaynor, Matthew Hawkins, Gerrard McCarthur, John Phillips and the voice of Nigel Terry.


7.00 - 7.30

The Devil's Disciples

A 25 minute short in which Gavin Baddeley traces the origins of Satanism and follows it's route to the modern day.

Gavin Baddeley is an ordained Reverend of the Church of Satan, as well as often being thrust into the role of "the publicly acceptable face of Satanism in the South West". He is an experienced journalist, who is not afraid to court controversy.


7.30 - 9.00

"Loom of Lila"

The premise of this performance was to express in form and movement the relationship of the individual to the collective, exploring also concepts of microcosm and macrocosm, the nature of Deification, and resolution of the Fate versus Free Will dichotomy.

Dancers together form the face and hands of Kali-Arachne, a giant composite deity. Individual dancers, expressing their independence, break away from the composite figure to perform their own dances, yet these also ultimately weave back into the pattern of the whole. 

"The Choronzon Machine" (Excerpt: The Hierophant/The Devil)

In the ritual theatrickall-musical device we call The Choronzon Machine the Audience Initiates follow the Fool Initiates’ journey through the Great Wheel of the Taro / Rota, as he cycles through different refractions of Self as reflected through the archetypes of the Major Arcana. On one hand this is a personal journey as The Fool with a child’s innocence heedless plunges past the dweller on the threshold and into the Abyss.


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