Bell, Book & Candle

John Van Druten (play) & Daniel Taradash (screen)

(Colombia Films, 1958)


Directed by Richard Quinn, Starring Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak & Jack Lemmon.

Meet Gillian Holyroyd, Greenwich Village's most seductive sorceress. Powerful, glamorous and a wee bit bored, Gillian knows that witches can't fall in love. But they can have fun, especially if their lover belongs to another woman! So when Gillian discovers handsome new neighbour Shep Henderson is the fiancée of an old college nemesis, she promptly puts the befuddled publisher under her spell. But while her sex hex may have heated up Shep's heart, it has also unthawed her own, leading to a romantic complication that not even Pyewacket - Gillian's mind-reading cat - could have foreseen...

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