Journey to Avebury (1971)

The Angelic Conversion (1985)

Derek Jarman


Derek Jarman is often said to be a painter rather than a movie director, and the art he creates using film is both evocative and moving and 'Journey to Avebury' exemplifies Jarman's work at its most lyrical. He is well known for his controversial films that revisit history from a gay perspective, and he has retold the stories of Edward II, Saint Sebastian, Caravaggio, and Wittgenstein.

A Journey to Avebury is a silent but beautiful film. It is a literal journey, where we are taken to Avebury and given the chance to swim in its beauty for 10 minutes, in an age before it became as it is today.

The Last of England is one of Derek Jarmanís most personal and innovative films, ĎThe Last of Englandí is a devastating vision of 80ís Britain. Images of war and urban decay are intercut with Jarmanís own childhood home movies, creating a shocking yet beautiful and poetic film with a much praised soundtrack featuring Diamanda Galas, Mayo Thompson, Andy Gill and Marianne Faithful.

A beautiful and haunting work by one of Britainís most powerful filmmakers. Starring Tilda Swinton, Spencer Leigh, Spring, Gay Gaynor, Matthew Hawkins, Gerrard McCarthur, John Phillips and the voice of Nigel Terry.


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