All In The Mind

Marc Aitken & Robbie Wood (Fabulator Films)


An Exploration of the Human Condition and the Nature of the Bi-Cameral Mind.

In the beginning was the word and to hear was to obey without question. The Bi-Cameral Mind operates without intervention by introspective thought. Bi-Cameral humans respond to internal voices that have the authority of the Gods.

All in the Mind explores the diversion away from the aforementioned states of being to a time when the internal has been externalised. Our own intuition becomes a stranger to be challenged, feared and eventually excommunicated. Now exiled to a galaxy of our own making it has no choice but to seek to return to its rightful home by any means necessary.

Even as far back as the 1920's Aleister Crowley was exhorting his followers to cut themselves every time they said "I" in order that they might reconnect to this divine inner voice. This modern Aeon shows us that from Reality TV to the Celebrity Super culture The "I's " now rule supreme! Egomania, Schizophrenia, or just plain Paranoid? Its " All in the Mind".


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