Do Angels Ever Cut Themselves Shaving

Marc Aitken (Fabulator Films)


Edwardian England, a house haunted by memories, and a man who has been to the brink of his sanity, and only partly returned. A man who was once privy to the circle of the Great Beast, the celebrated occultist Aleister Crowley. Once a key figure in Crowley's Magickal Universe he now finds himself estranged, and attempts a return to normality.

Traumatised by the horror of the First World War he returns home as one of a new species, the gentleman addict. During his chemical odyssey, his mind opens to the metaphysical world he only glimpsed during his brush with the occult. The distorted memory of the trenches, and ghostly spectre of Crowley, invade his visions with unwelcome regularity. An actress with whom he once fell in love is merged ethereally with the nurse who saved his life in the trenches, but who administered the first grains of his addiction. She continually appears during his visions as both Angel and Daemon.

Despite all he suffered at Crowley's hands, he finds he cannot condemn him, and in a trance takes one last walk across the fields of memory, to be re-united with his Dear Beast.

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