Lucifer Rising

Kenneth Anger


Kenneth Anger is a ritual magician whose films are magical rituals. In the 1960s he worked with the Rolling Stones and Bobby Beausoleil, amongst many others. He has been associated with the OTO. His film rituals are set in a voluptuous Luciferian world. His masterpiece, LUCIFER RISING, enacts the mythos of the Aeon of Horus.

This film is a presentation of Anita Pallenberg, Camera Assistant Michael Cooper, Music by Bobby Beausoleil and the Freedom Orchestra, Thelemic Consultant Gerald J Yorke, Filmed in Luxor, Karnak, Externsteine, London & Avebury.

Kenneth Anger began Lucifer Rising (his last completed film) in the mid sixties but didn't release it until 1981. The most elemental, and in many ways, the most pure of his films, it is dominated by figures in awesome landscapes through which he captures angels and marvels of the natural world. Bobby Beausoleils music was recorded in Tracy Prison, where he was serving time for his involvement with Charles Manson and the Sharon Tate killings.

Renowned as the author of the best-selling book Hollywood Babylon, Kenneth Anger is a legend in his own time. The mythology that has grown around him has many sources, from his involvement with the occult, astrology and the pop world of Jagger, Marianne Faithful and Jimmy Page, to the announcement of his own death in the pages of Village Voice, and the destruction, loss and banning of his films. At the heart of al this mythology is a filmmaker of prodigious talent, whose skill and imagination create films of great visual force, influencing filmmakers such as Martin Scorcese, David Lynch and R.W Fassbinder.

Lucifer Rising takes place at various historically magick spots in Egypt, England and Germany. The odd rock-tinged soundtrack pulls viewers through a series of obsessively staged and hauntingly realized ceremonies, movements and rituals. Experimental editing techniques, mixed with more traditional cinematic structures, add to the eerie and compelling visual quality of this avant-garde masterpiece. Marianne Faithfull, The Rolling Stones (Anger had wanted Jagger to play Lucifer), Satanism, lightning, pyramids and extravagant costumes are only a few of the contributing elements that bring this film to a fever pitch of strangeness and cultural abstraction.

A biography of Kenneth Anger and full review of "Lucifer Rising" can be found here.



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