We meet for a pub moot & discussion every second Sunday in the Hobgoblin pub, Bath, at around 4:00 for 4:30 pm. Subjects for next month's discussion are voted for at the end of each moot. Directions to the pub can be found in the Links page. The table below is a history of the discussions we have had so far, with a short review of each. We aim to update the page to show the next months discussion topic in advance of the moot, to allow some time for preparation if you feel you want to come prepared.

Date Topic Review
Sunday 9th December The Use of Bones  
Sunday 11th November Good & Evil  
Sunday 14th October Places of Power  
Sunday 9th September Magick, Dissent, and Revolution  
Sunday 12th August Art & Magick

The "Omphalos Vibe", and topics for future talks.

Sunday 7th July Art & Magick Well, it was supposed to be Art(e) & Magic(k). But actually, we ended up having a good rant at the state of English Law, specifically smoking and employment, and  generally having a catch-up and chat.

Oh, and did I mention the corn muffins (maize cupcakes)?


Sunday 10th June Magick and Protection Anyone want to write a summary? E-mail to:

Sunday 13th May Sex & Magick Wow!!! that was a great meeting. Can't say I have ever had a better time discussing sex etc with a group (and will admit it is one of my favorite subjects). Have to tell I was just full of energy almost like spending an afternoon at an amusement park (satisfaction of an exciting day :). I think hubby got tired of me saying - that was cool, that was fun and on and on (and don't let him tell you he wasn't agreeing with me cause he enjoyed it too). Such a great way to learn is from others sharing their views and what was discussed really got me thinking (especially that slimy pool thing Jackdaw - still deciding on how I would vote on that).
Sunday 8th April    
Sunday 11th March    
Sunday 11th February The Underworld  
Sunday 14th January Is magickal practice good for you? As I recall the general feel was that as with most things, Magick is good in moderation, and with due care and attention. It is a tool to use alongside more mundane methods of reaching your aim, and as such "shouldn't" be used instead of more mundane methods, whether through laziness or because it is something you wouldn't do "in real life". Wishing ill on other people is "allowed" if you would work to bring harm to them in person and be willing to suffer the consequences. There is a variation in what people believe ranging from a vague sense of comeuppance through karma to the Law of Three, but most of us are aware that there are always consequences.
Sunday 10th December Yule Festivals and Customs What really came across (to me) was that people's family backgrounds
and places of origin had the profoundest impacts upon the way they
perceived this festival. Any comments?
I felt that yesterday's moot had a lovely warm atmosphere, and
bizarrely, one member went home with several more vertebrae than she
came in with, while another had their fear of spiders challenged by a bird-eating spider!

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