PLEASE NOTE WE NOW MEET AT ST. JAMES WINE VAULTS @ 2pm � note: the pub is not open before 2pm. Directions to the pub can be found in the Links page.

The link below is a history of some of the discussions we have had so far, with a short review of each.

Old Omphalos Discussions Page



Meetings and talks are now held here: St. James Wine Vaults Directions by car or public transport can be found in the Links page.

2019 Schedule of Talks

Talks - Previous Years

In 2010 we began meeting at the St. James Wine Vaults, St. James Sq. Bath.

2018 Schedule of Talks

2017 Schedule of Talks

2016 Schedule of Talks

2015 Schedule of Talks

2014 Schedule of Talks

2013 Schedule of Talks

2012 Schedule of Talks

2011 Schedule of Talks

2010 Schedule of Talks


In 2009 we met at The Huntsman in North Parade, Bath.

2009 Schedule of Talks

Prior to the Huntsman and after leaving the Hogoblin we met at the Raven and talks were still held at the Percy Commumity Centre.

2008 Schedule of Talks


We have run a series of talks and workshops for several years. These were held in the Inventions Arts Cafe, in the centre of Bath, in 2006, and before that in Batheaston Scout Hut. The links below show who we had speaking, what about, and when - just for a flavour of the group:

2007 Schedule of Talks

2006 Schedule of Talks

2005 Schedule of Talks

2004 Schedule of Talks


Film Festival - 2006

In 2006 we held a Magickal Film Festival in the Inventions Arts Cafe, on Sunday 8th October 2006 from 12:30 to 8:00 pm. This festival was a collection of Magickal Films, spanning the cult, the vintage, the arthouse and the contemporary. The links below are to the Film Festival homepage, and to the Schedule of Talks for 2006.

2006 Film Festival Homepage

2006 Film Festival Schedule


Magickal Arts Fair - 2005

In 2005, we held a week-long Magickal Arts Fair in Walcot Chapel, and the link below is a review of the artworks and activities that were part of the week:

2005 Magickal Fair & Exhibition


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