The Omphalos Group was founded as an independent philosophical, mystical & magickal group meeting in Bath, SW UK. It is open to all, and holds meetings every month. Meetings give an opportunity for group discussion and learning on a magickal topic, through either discussion, presentation or interactive workshop type events.

We meet for a talk, followed by a pub moot & discussion every second Sunday of the month - in St. James Wine Vaults Bath. Subjects for next month's discussion are voted for by all present at the end of each moot. Directions to the pub can be found in the Links page, below.

We also run series of talks and workshops, which this year (2010) we are holding in the pub before the moot - at 2:00 pm. More details will be in the Talks & Events page (link below).

We have a Yahoo! And Facebook Group page where group attendees can carry on the discussions on-line and post links and information. This is also a good source of information - just ask and we'll do our best to entertain or answer as required...


Essential Links:

Omphalos Magickal Moot Yahoo! Group

Omphalos Talks & Events Page

Links Page - including directions to venues